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This is an original design created "in the moment" with the tool in my hand.


Signed and dated May 20, 2024, "sunny".

10" diameter, 1 1/2" deep.Gift boxed.


The clay was rolled flat with a rolling pin, and cut with a circle cutter. Then the clay was laid over a bisque mold (drape molded) until leather-hard (stiff but not dry). White liquid clay (slip) was painted over the surface of the red earthenware clay to create 2 layers. The design was created using the sgraffito method of scratching through the white slip to reveal the red clay beneath. It was fired in an electric kiln. The back is unglazed following the traditions of the early Pennsylvania German potters.

Just for Pretty - Pennsylvania German Redware Deep 10 Inch Dish

SKU: SG1404
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