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I am an avid gardener and am re-visiting the use of leaves in my work.  I grow perennial geraniums in my gardens because the flowers are just so cute. And the bees visit!

Signed and dated June 30, 2023, "sunny"
12 1/2 wide x 9" tall x 1" deep.  Arrives Gift boxed.

* Slabbed and slump molded
* Geranium leaves were rolled onto the clay's surface
* Painted with slip
* Bisque-fired, glazed with an iron oxide tinted clear glaze, and fired again in an electric kiln
* Hand-washing is recommended and then place back on display to allow air to circulate around the piece.


You are displaying it aren't you?

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Geranium Platter - LV183 - Leaf Impressed Platter

SKU: LV183
  • * Hand washing is recommended. The clay is porous, just like an unglazed terra cotta flower pot, and soaks up water quickly. 

    * Dry on a rack so air can circulate around the pottery.

    * Place in a cold oven and then turn the oven on to avoid thermal shocks.


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