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Commemorate your loved ones' Special Day with a piece of pottery made just for them!  This plate is handmade by potter Denise Wilz in her 1740s stone home studio using the techniques of the Pennsylvania German potters. 


PLEASE NOTE! Because this is a piece made JUST for you and your loved ones I require 8 weeks lead time. 


A Sentiment may be included on the back and is optional.  You could include a special sentiment of your own, where they were married and, of course, the giver's name(s).


Information I need:



-Sentiment on the back

-Date needed

-Additional information


Each plate begins as a slab of clay rolled flat with a rolling pin and then drape molded (laid over a mold) to shape it. When it is just dry enough to handle without losing its shape liquid white clay (slip) is applied to the surface. The design is scratched, known as sgraffito, into the slip revealing the red clay beneath. It is bisque fired then the glaze is applied and fired again. The completed piece will have the overall yellowish coloring of antique redware plates on the front, the back is unglazed and the diameter is approximately 10 1/2 ".

Custom Double-Headed Dove - Plain

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