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September/October News

October 7th is Stahl's Pottery show in the beautiful Powder Valley! (The valley had gun powder mills along the Indian Creek) with pottery for sale, along with demonstrations, homemade food and baked goods!  6826 Corning Road, Zionsville 18092  website

October 14th is a Sgraffito Workshop held at the Mennonite Heritage Center, 565 Yoder Road, Harleysville, PA 19438-1020   -   offering 7 inch and 10 inch diameter plates. 

I'm looking forward to teaching and meeting folks interested in learning and trying their hand with the beautiful art of sgraffito!  I have suggestions on preparing a design for class on the Workshops page. I have many books for ideas and you have lots of time to complete your piece.


Welcome to my vision of Pennsylvania Redware.
I hand make this pottery using the tools and techniques of the Pennsylvania German potters.

​Pottery is meant to be touched and you can feel the design scratched into the surface of my sgraffito pieces.  My tulips, birds and hearts are inspired by Pennsylvania German folk art of all kinds.  I use a rolling pin, molds for shaping the clay into plates and bowls, a coggle wheel to decorate the edges and handcrafted tin cookie cutters for the ornaments. The pieces are fired in an electric kiln rather than the traditional wood-fired kiln.

I am a Master Artisan with the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen and listed in the Directory of Traditional American Crafts presented by Early American Life magazine.

I teach the art of Redware in my Sgraffito workshops held at various locations. The students always amaze me - many are first-timers designing and then using the sgraffito technique to create their own work of art.

​​​My favorite Pennsylvania German saying is "Lieben und Geliebt zu werden Ist die Gröst Freud auf Erden” Translation is "To love and be loved is the greatest joy on earth"



  * Early American Life Magazine *

I am included in the 2023 Directory of  Traditional American Crafts!  The magazine will publish the list in the July/August issue.


My sgraffito plate is pictured on page 69 of the August 2023 issue.


*   Pottery Classes / Workshops   *
Learn about and make your own Pennsylvania German Redware

Learn the art of scratching on clay to create your special plate - an ancient technique the Pennsylvania German potters' used to decorate their fancy pieces of pottery.  I teach workshops at various locations in eastern Pennsylvania.  I bring the plates ready to sgraffito, tools and idea books or bring your own!  Registration is required and is limited to 12 persons.

*** Workshops scheduled for 2023 ***

September 16 - Landis Valley Museum Store, upstairs, 2451 Kissel Hill Road, Lancaster, PA 17601

Register for the workshop


October 14 - Mennonite Heritage Center, 565 Yoder Road, Harleysville, PA 19438-1020Register for Register for October 14

* The Studio *


The studio is located on the outskirts of Macungie, Pennsylvania
The original portion of this one and a half story house was built in the mid-1700's; before the American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights.

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