Pottery is a science lesson that art makes beautiful.

Would you like to learn to sgraffito on clay? Would you enjoy an in-depth hands-on experience making redware?  

Sgraffito Workshops include an overview of Redware pottery made by the Pennsylvania German potters and a demonstration of the slip trailing and sgraffito techniques used by them to decorate the red earthenware clay.  Participants have the option to purchase 7 inch and 10 inch plates ready to sgraffito.  I have books for ideas, tracing paper and writing tools, along with all the tools needed to sgraffito your design.  Workshop length is 4 to 6 hours.  You will scratch your chosen design into the greenware plate, then I will take your plate to my studio to be glazed and fired.  You may pick up the finished piece at the studio, at the workshop site or have it mailed to you for the cost of shipping.  I request a minimum of 4 weeks to get the plates back to you as the plates must be completely dry before being fired in the kiln. 

Coming in August! Outdoor workshops on the patio in the afternoon - for non-rainy days only.  1 or 2 persons, in the same bubble, as you will be working at the same 6 foot table.  I will be sitting 6+ feet away.  Masks are required when we are closer than 6 feet and when using facilities inside the house.  Shade and cooling fans will be provided.  A bug catcher is currently working hard and we have citronella candles and spray. Personally I sgraffito on the patio whenever I can as I prefer being outside in my secret garden.

Sgraffito workshop 2-3 hours $50 plus cost of pottery - $18 for each heart ornament, $28 for a 7 inch plate, $38 for a 10 inch plate.  A few pictures from the property here


Head start on your plate design - draw a 7 or 10 inch circle and choose a design to fit inside the circle.  Designs can be line drawings (coloring books!) or positive/negative ones or ?.  Your design does not have to be "traditional" - see the designs below!

I have workshops scheduled for 2020.  Contact the site to register.

October 10   Sgraffito Workshop at the Mennonite Heritage Center, Harleysville, PA  website

October 24      Sgraffito Workshop at the  Landis Valley Museum, 2451 Kissel Hill Road, Lancaster, PA 17601  website

Workshops at your location if we can be outside, within a one hour drive of my studio for 6 to 12 people OR in my studio, are available.  Location should have great lighting and one person per 6 foot table for your comfort and safety at this time.  Ages 16+ and 10 - 15 years old with an adult.

In the studio - Currently not available- I offer classes that would be the same as those at the Mennonite Heritage Center and Landis Valley. I can accommodate up to 3 people. Monday through Friday times available, along with weekends.

In-depth Hands-on Experience - Currently not available

In my studio I have space for 1 or 2 students.  This is a 2 day workshop to make and decorate two 9 inch slipware plates and one 10 inch sgraffito plate.  You will roll clay with a rolling pin, shape it using the drape molding method, apply the slip on the sgraffito plate and decorate the clay plates with the slip trailing and sgraffito techniques.  The pieces will then be dried, glazed and fired for you.  While you are in the studio  I will pass along my clay knowledge including successes and failures that potters working with any type of clay may face.  Cost is $250 for one student / $450 for two students.

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