Original design inspired by Pennsylvania German folk art.

The clay was rolled flat with a rolling pin, and cut with a circle cutter.  Then the clay was laid over a bisque mold (drape molded) until leather-hard (stiff but not dry).  White liquid clay (slip) was painted over the surface of the red earthenware clay to create 2 layers. The design was created using the sgraffito method of scratching through the white slip to reveal the red clay beneath.  The glaze is food-safe.  The back is unglazed following the traditions of the early Pennsylvania German potters.  

I sign, date and inscribe the day's weather on the back.  July 18, 2019, "hot, hot, hot!"
10" diameter, 1 1/4" deep.
Gift boxed.

Folk Bird Plate - SG753

SKU: SG753