Sgraffito ware. Handmade in a mid-1700s stone house in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.

I sign, date and mention the weather on the back of the piece: "August 19, 2021, "cloudy"
10" diameter, 1 1/2" deep.  Gift boxed.

This piece is handmade by employing the tools and techniques used by the early Pennsylvania German potters in the 18th through 19th centuries.  Each piece begins with red earthenware clay rolled flat with a rolling pin and cut to fit the mold.  Then the clay is laid over the mold (drape molded) to shape it.  When it is just dry enough to handle without losing its shape slip (liquid clay) is applied to the surface with a brush.  The design is scratched into the slip, with a scratch tool, revealing the red clay beneath – the sgraffito technique. When the piece is totally dry it is fired in an electric kiln.  The completed piece has the overall yellowish coloring of antique redware plates on the front; the back is not glazed following the traditions of the early Pennsylvania potters. 

A Fancy Flower with 2 Tulips Deep Dish - Pennsylvania German Redware - SG990

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