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Custom Wedding and Anniversary Plates and Platters

Commemorate your loved one's special day with Sgraffito ware pottery! 

The plates will have a yellow tint emulating the look of antique redware pottery. All plates are signed by me, with the date created.  You may also have an inscription on the back.

The plate is packaged in a box suitable for gift giving.

Payment is required before I begin.  Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or Personal Check  are accepted.


Please fill in the form below and pay for your plate after submitting the form.   I request 8 weeks to complete your order - Thank you very much for your interest in my work.

Wedding Couple

10 1/2" diameter




12" wide x 9" tall (approx)


Peacock on the Tree

10 1/2" diameter



Doubled-headed Dove -


10 1/2" diameter


Double-headed Dove -


10 1/2" diameter


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